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Making the future brighter for today’s youth & young adults, by teaching proven leadership principles & healthy decision making!

A faltering economic system, negative peer pressure and family stress give young adults plenty of problems to worry about. But the world’s most successful people don’t worry about their problems; they use problems to make themselves better. This is exactly what philanthropist, author and motivational speaker Minister Yannik McKie has been teaching America’s youth and young adults for nearly a decade!

In his book, Living in the Shadows, Yannik tells the captivating story of how he became one of the first children in America to lose both his parents to the deadly AIDS disease.  Overcoming such adversity has helped Yannik earn his reputation as an expert on overcoming life’s toughest challenges. Yannik used his expertise by founding The McKie Foundation, through which, he mentors, counsels and donates his time and resources to at-risk youth throughout the country through his signature program, “Taking Care of Home.”

Yannik is an author and vibrant speaker with an extraordinary ability to reach and inspire youth of all ages. His amazing story has been featured on numerous media outlets including Fox 5 Morning Show, Good Day Atlanta, New York Daily News, The HuffingtonPost and The Hamptons.

Adversity Creates Purpose 
How to become a successful leader by changing your perspective (Look), growing from the problems you face (Learn) and turning your adversity into an advantage (Launch) 

Your students will learn:

✓ How to have the proper perspective of adversity

✓ How to use their challenges to help others

✓ How to turn adversity into purpose like Jesus did

As a result of this talk, your youth will become more confident and optimistic about their challenges, resulting in more productive and effective decision making, during difficult times.

A portion of the proceeds go to supporting children affected by AIDS.


“It was a pleasure having Yannik fellowship with our congregation! He spoke at our Christian academy, Friday night live youth program, and ministered to our men on Sunday morning. We are so excited about the outstanding work the Lord is doing through Yannik.”

Bishop Vaughn Mclaughlin & Lady Narlene Mclaughlin
Founder and First Lady, The Potter’s-House

“It was a delight to have Yannik. He was a blessing to the people of TrueNorth. God used you to challenge our men and encourage them in their walk with God. Appreciate what God is doing through Yannik!”

True North Church


“We brought Yannik in to speak to the football team and his talk was about having character, integrity & mental toughness. He is building a new legacy for families daily!”

Thomas C. Settles III
Chaplain, University of Georgia

“Author Yannik McKie was an excellent! He was informative and entertaining at the same time! Definitely one of the best speakers we have seen in a while and I look forward to having him back soon!”

Nashia Whittenburg
Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs, St.John’s University

“Your time with our young men was both inspirational and productive. By sharing your story with our young men you have shown them the excellence that they each are capable of achieving. Thank you for supporting these young men in their journey towards excellence.”

Ronald Skeete
Executive Director, Outward Bound, Atlanta, Ga

“Yannik McKie is an unusual and outstanding leader who can—from personal experience—both define the challenges faced by America’s millions of parentless youth and from personal determination define how we can all join to clearly help these kids grow up positively, contribute to their communities and have productive lives.”

Chris Norwood
2005 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
Executive Director Health People

“Yannik’s keynote at our Wellness University graduation exceeded all expectations. He inspired, entertained, and educated! Yannik has got to be one of the best speakers we have ever hired and we look forward to working with him again!”

Wendy Nicholson, Program Director
Friends For Life

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