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In his book, Living in the Shadows, Yannik tells the captivating story of how he became one of the first children in America to lose both his parents to the deadly AIDS disease.

Overcoming such adversity has helped Yannik earn his reputation as an expert on how to overcome life’s toughest challenges. Yannik used his expertise by founding The McKie Foundation, through which, he mentors, counsels and donates his time and resources to to at-risk males through his signature program Men in Training.

Yannik is an author and vibrant speaker with an extraordinary ability to reach and inspire people of all ages to eliminate excuses and take responsibility in their lives. His amazing story has been featured on numerous media outlets including Fox 5 Morning Show, Good Day Atlanta, New York Daily News, The Huffington Post and The Hamptons.

Adversity Creates Purpose

How to become a successful leader by changing your perspective (Look), growing from the problems you face (Learn) and turning your adversity into an advantage (Launch) 

✓ How to successfully handle life’s challenges
✓ The dangers of a negative attitude
✓ The importance of never giving up

“Adversity Creates Purpose”

This workshop teaches the leadership principles Yannik used to overcome the challenges he faced after losing both of his parents to AIDS at such an early age. These principles are used by some of the world’s most successful leaders. This workshop stresses the importance of positive decision making during difficult times, the power of a positive attitude, and how to use adversity to your advantage!



“I hired Yannik to speak at my 2013 POWER M.O.V.E. professionals conference in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and his talk exceeded my expectations. Yannik is a consummate professional and very good at what he does. I am pleased to have him on my team!”

Devin Robinson
Author and Entrepreneur

“Yannik is a dynamic individual. When working with him, you quickly realize how much he can add to any business that he touches. Yannick has a sharp business mind and he’s able to see future possibilities where others see none. Rarely are individuals are so willing to freely share their own personal and professional wisdom to help others be successful. Yannik would be a great asset to any organization that he works with.”

Paul Griffen
District Sales Manager at Nationwide Insurance and Financial Services

“Author Yannik McKie was an excellent and informative key note speaking sensation!”

Nashia C. Whittenburg
Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs
St. Johns University

“Yannik’s keynote at our Wellness University graduation exceeded all expectations. He inspired, entertained, and educated! Yannik has got to be one of the best speakers we have ever hired and we look forward to working with him again!”

Windy Nicholson
Program Director, Friends For Life

“Your time with our young men was both inspirational and productive. By sharing your story with our young men you have shown them the excellence that they each are capable of achieving. Thank you for supporting these young men in their journey towards excellence.”

Ronald Skeete
Executive Director, Outward Bound, Atlanta, Ga

“Yannik McKie is an unusual and outstanding leader who can—from personal experience—both define the challenges faced by America’s millions of parentless youth and from personal determination define how we can all join to clearly help these kids grow up positively, contribute to their communities and have productive lives.”

Chris Norwood
2005 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and Executive Director of Health People

“We brought Yannik in to speak to the football team and his talk was about having character, integrity & mental toughness. He is building a new legacy for families daily!”

Thomas C. Settles III
Chaplain UGA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

“When asked to invite a guest speaker for a college service, Yannik was my first choice. Regardless of age group or atmosphere, Yannik is able to adapt his speaking and teaching styles and diction to make his life lessons suitable for any audience. Not only was he able to entertain my colleagues, he was able to encourage them to overcome daily obstacles such as peer pressure, balancing academic and social life, etc. We were so impressed with him that he was personally invited back by Vice President of Student Affairs.”

Tianna Williams
Paine College, Presidential Scholar

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