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Maximize your potential today!

For a nominal fee you will receive:

1. Unlimited online web access for all coaching sessions
2. Unlimited access to all recorded sessions, for reinforced learning
3. 60 minute strategy sessions
4. Unlimited support from Yannik through email
5. Progress notes for each session
6. Video coaching for those with access to webcams
7. Unlimited access to your coach’s console area with excellent tools and resources
8. All books and additional learning resources needed
9. One-on-one coaching for privacy purposes
10. An opportunity to grow, and achieve your maximum potential

All coaching sessions will take place bi-weekly. Each coaching session is given for a small investment of $150 per session! This small investment requires no monthly contract, because we are confident you will be, more than, satisfied and will continue to renew your sessions. Those who take advantage of our discounted monthly package will save a total of $50! Yannik’s monthly package is only $250 dollars, for two sessions!

What qualifies Yannik to be your coach?

1. Over 7 years of life coaching experience.
2. Real life experience in overcoming some of life’s toughest challenges.
3. I will hold you accountable.
4. I will help you achieve your goals.
5. I will help you to live your life in the peace God has promised you.
6. I will help you achieve more, faster.
7. You will get results. (Please see our growing list of testimonials)

To begin maximizing your potential today, contact us today! Within 24 hours you will receive a call from one of our account representatives to set up your coaching profile and schedule. You have made a great decision because you cannot put a price tag on maximizing your potential, exceeding your goals, and living more productively! 

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