Your Questions, Answered

Question #1: Why is life coaching so popular?

A relatively modern concept, in name only, the engagement of professional mentors, or life coaches has been around for centuries. Although psychological counseling has often held negative connotations for some, employing an experienced navigator of life-management has been popularized by generations of those coming out, coming up, and coming around again! The truth is that, even professional coaches benefit from having life coaches examine, evaluate, and organize personal life plans and strategies.

Question #2: How will my coaching and counseling courses be facilitated?

Sessions are frequently conducted by phone and internet, are centered on Biblical principles, and proactive response, and often, eliminate many issues that create a life of confusion and despair.

Question #3: Will I have help setting up my virtual sessions?

Yannik will make sure you have all the support and tools you need to insure that your course goes perfectly!

Question #4: Why are virtual coaching and counseling sessions becoming so popular?

Virtual sessions are the wave of the future! They save the client time and money. Virtual sessions will also allow the client to relax in the comfort of their own surroundings, which usually will allow them to relax and focus on the real issues. They also allow the client to seek the best help without the restrictions of geography and location.

Question #5: What are the differences between coaching and counseling?

  • Counseling helps deal with pain, problems, and symptoms; Coaching guides people as they work to attain specific goals.
  • Counseling often focuses on the past; Coaching emphasizes the present and the future.
  • Counseling is about healing and recovery; Coaching is more about growth and learning how to move forward.
  • Counseling assumes that something is wrong and needs to be made better; Coaching assumes that new visions need to be clarified and that people need to be empowered to reach new accomplishments.
  • Counseling often is about pathology; Coaching is about possibilities.
  • Counseling seeks to help people overcome weaknesses; Coaching focuses on helping people develop strengths and build on these to take action.
  • Counseling looks at feelings and often focuses on what the person is experiencing inside; Coaching focuses more on results and developing strategies for reaching goals.* 

Question #6: How long are my session? 

Most sessions average forty five minutes to an hour.

Question #7: When should I hire a life coach or a counselor? 

The perfect time to utilize the service of a coach or a counselor is when you have a notion that something needs to be done to improve your life, but you are having a difficult time getting it clarified and accomplished. Instead of beating your head against a brick wall, its better to get started on getting you the answers you need to help repair any situations, and get you on a glorious path of discovery and achievment.

Question #8: What are a few of the most popular reasons that someone would hire a counselor or a life coach? 

1. Changing careers (want to make sure you are making the right decision)

2. Starting a career ( want to make sure you are starting off on the right foot)

3. Getting over life changing situations and events. (death, divorce, disease, layoff)

4. Starting a business (coaching, book writing, marketing)

5. Setting and Achieving Business goals

6. Enhancing and building relationships (marriage, parenting, singles)

7. Achieving Work-Life Balance

8. Time and Resource Management

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