Coaching Methodologies

We come into your life like a new best friend with a reason and for a season!

A Christian LIFE COACH is in your life to help you plan, get organized, and focused on the life God wants for you. Our initiatives will help you set achievable goals, as well as clarify your life’s vision and purpose. One of the most popular reasons for engaging a CHRISTIAN LIFE COACH is to map and achieve your goals sooner, and more efficiently than you might on your own, to accomplish in weeks and months, what could take years, without coaching. The goal of partnering with Yannik is to get you started, or restarted, as the case may be, and empowered on your path to a successful, harmonious life. Our coaching methodologies will introduce our process, and the steps we will explore with you to help you achieve your goals:

PHASE 1. Getting Connected 

The first step to success is getting to know where you are now, and to brainstorm together, about where you’d like to be. Yannik will partner with you in clarifying your gifts, skills, abilities, needs and desires.

PHASE 2. Overview and Evaluation 

Yannik will begin by exploring the situations you want to see changed. Yannik will help you establish your goals, and what areas of your life you want achieving these goals to impact the most.

PHASE 3. Moving Ahead

This is the point where we will isolate, address, confront any hindrances or road blocks. (this may include correcting point of view, changing attitude, managing life differently, or getting out toxic relationships) Whether it be fear, doubt, anxiety your real talc life coach, Yannik, will help you gain confidence in God’s divine purpose no matter what your situation is. Yannik will also look to identify any issues that may not be clear to you.

PHASE 4. Develop strategy 

Now that we have the vision, set the goals, and removed all road blocks it is time to implement solutions to bring the desired change you are looking for.


Draw out EXCELLENCE – through encouragement, information, and support. You will begin to achieve your highest standards and actively think in terms of God’s bigger plan for your specific situation.


Learn to overcome the setbacks and temporary detours of life, celebrate victories. Yannik will show you how to be self-accountable to the actions and standards you have set. At this point in your program you should be moving positively and consistently forward.

Phase 7. SUPPORT

Now that you have developed to the point where you are consistently moving in a positive direction, Yannik helps you to create the supportive environment and network you desire to keep your momentum going . We all need personal motivators in place to help us continue the right decisions for the right reasons.

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