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Metro-Atlanta native, Yannik McKie, who majored in business in college, and went on to put his business administration acumen into practice and entrepreneurship, after losing both his parents to AIDS, managed to own his first business by the age of 24.

For his efforts in business, Yannik was awarded the Change Maker of the year award from the National Leadership Council and was inducted into his alma mater, Georgia Southern University’s, top 40 under 40 alumni class. 


As a Certified Coach, Yannik has successfully consulted with companies from a myriad of different industries and can coach one-on-one with the Pastor or with the group of key decision makers. 

“Purpose Under Pressure”

(Individual or Team Coaching Workshop)

Created by Purpose Coach Yannik Mckie & Dr. Mike Perry Purpose Under Pressure” will help your leadership team maximize their potential in the midst of pressure. A team that remains focused on purpose will reduce conflict, retain talent and produce more results with less resources. 

With Yannik McKie’s amazing book and life story, “Adversity Creates Purpose” as a backdrop and Dr. Mike Perry’s proprietary Human Experience Coaching Model as a tool, your team will learn how to accomplish purpose even when the pressure is high.

There is no such thing as “church problems” only “leadership problems”. If gone unchecked, “leadership problems” become “church problems”. This is why we focus on the personal and professional growth of your leadership team through our human experience coaching models. We believe the issues that limit growth, giving & the overall impact of your ministry begin with the people you place in charge.

Leading in ministry is, easily, the most difficult leadership position on the planet. Why, because no other entity depends so heavily on the physical and financial support of people who sacrifice only because they share vision. Without people to financially and physically support the vision every church would have to close their doors immediately.

The job of your leadership team is to inspire people to invest their time, money, talents, and spiritual gifts in exchange for a reward they won’t receive in this lifetime. This level of leadership demands superior focus, patience, crisp communication and resilience. 

Because the health of your ministry depends so heavily on people, it is in your best interest to make sure the leadership that guide & influence these people are healthy and equipped with the tools necessary to handle the personal and professional pressure leading in ministry entails.

What is the true cost when a person stops giving & serving because they were offended or overlooked?  

Some top reasons people leave churches include unresolved conflict, unchecked rumors, lack of morality in leadership, and the lack of appreciation from leadership.

Purpose Under Pressure” will help your leadership team maximize their potential and as a result reduce conflict in your ministry and retain the talents and gifts of those that serve. For the church to thrive, everyone—especially leaders—must learn four keys to Standing in Purpose when the pressure is on…Focus. Confidence. Commitment. Adaptability.

With Yannik McKie’s amazing life story, “Adversity Creates Purpose” as a backdrop, Yannik and Dr. Mike Perry from Catalyst will help you and your team learn how to lead at your best when it matters most and turn your problems into purpose.

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