Adults Program

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Can you imagine living the life of perfect peace, where everything you do prospers? 

This may sound unrealistic, but this is exactly how the word of God says you will live when you delight in His laws and stay focused on Him. These specialized LIFE COACHING programs are designed to maximize your power, progress, and potential in life while allowing God to supernaturally bless you in everything you do.

As you move through the doors and windows God opens for you, and across the stepping stones of life, Yannik will help you achieve the very best that God has for your life!

Yannik has over seven years of experience in life coaching, and is an expert in overcoming challenges, and by partnering with Yannik you will maximize your potential, work through your challenges, and achieve the purposes God has for your life. Please take a look at some of our most popular coaching areas and sign up for a free consultation today.

  • Purpose
  • Goal Setting
  • Career Planning
  • Moving Past The Death of a Loved One
  • Marriage Goals
  • Improving Self Esteem
  • Maximizing Efficiency (Time Management)
  • Moving Past Anxiety
  • Relationships Goals
  • Maximizing Leadership Abilities
  • Finding Your Passions
  • Value’s Based Living
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