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Workbook: Victory in Adversity

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As a participant in this course, you will be learning many new skills and information that will

help you cope with the challenges in your life, make good choices and become the person

you are meant to be.


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This workbook based on educational research and the experiences that Yannik McKie went

through so that you might avoid the same mistakes and missteps he faced and that you may

ultimately experience the joy of victory in overcoming adversity and knowing your purpose.

Victory in Adversity teaches children and adolescents the importance of seeing personal

problems and situations from a different perspective and of managing their thoughts.

Achieving victory over your thoughts during adversity is the foundation for discovering your

purpose in adversity.


As a result of this workbook, you will become stronger, more peaceful, and more hopeful for

the future. You will find explanations, activities and exercises to guide you.

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