The Man

Overcoming adversity and turning obstacles into stepping stones is the expertise of author, speaker, and philanthropist, Yannik McKie.

At age 11 Yannik suffered the heartbreak of his parents’ divorce and learned that both Mom and Dad were HIV positive. By the age of 15 Yannik lost both of his parents to the deadly AIDS disease. Overcoming such adversity has helped Yannik earn his reputation as an expert on how to overcome life’s toughest challenges. Yannik’s amazing life story has been featured on numerous media outlets including ESPN, The Huffington Post, The New York Daily News, Good Day Atlanta, and many more.

“We brought Yannik in to speak to the football team and his talk was about having character, integrity & mental toughness. He is building a new legacy for families daily!”
Thomas C. Settles III
Chaplain UGA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes
“We invited Yannik to be the keynote speaker at our Maximize Potential Conference and we were extremely pleased with the outcome! We would highly recommend Yannik for any event.”
Nic Panghorn
Assistant Director Residential Programs, Clemson Youth Learning Institute
“Author Yannik McKie was an excellent and informative keynote.”
Nashia C. Whittenburg
Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs, St. John's University
“Regardless of age group or atmosphere, Yannik is able to adapt and make his life lessons suitable for any audience. We were so impressed with him…”
Tianna Williams
Paine College, Presidential Scholar
“Yannik McKie was one of the best speakers, if not the best, that Cordova High school has ever had the pleasure to enjoy. His story is unbelievable and he tells it extremely well. The students were so entertained that they did not even realize they were actually learning! Yannik will be coming back soon!”
Cheryl Harris
Teacher, Cordova High School
“Your time with our young men was both inspirational and productive. By sharing your story with our young men you have shown them the excellence that they each are capable of achieving. Thank you for supporting these young men in their journey towards excellence.”
Ronald Skeete
Executive Director, Outward Bound, Atlanta, Ga

The Message

Making the future brighter for today’s young adults, by teaching them how to become NEXT LEVEL LEADERS by TURNING THEIR PROBLEMS INTO PURPOSE.

Most Requested Talks:

“Level Up Leadership”

(How Leaders Look, Learn & Launch from Adversity)

How to become a successful leader by changing your perspective (Look), growing from the problems you face (Learn) and turning your adversity into an advantage (Launch).

 (Look, Learn & Launch)

✓ How successful leaders handle challenges
✓ The dangers of a negative attitude
✓ The importance of perseverance & never giving up

“Finishing Strong!”

Neil Howe writes in Forbe’s Magazine that “Most Millennials are skeptical about the idea of failing upwards” 

It is the fear of failure that causes so many youth and young adults to quit on their goals when the going gets tough. Yannik travels the country teaching resilience and mental toughness in an effort to increase high school and college graduation rates and standardized test scores.

Most Requested Workshops:

“Adversity Creates Purpose”

This workshop teaches the leadership principles Yannik used to overcome the challenges he faced after losing both of his parents to AIDS at such an early age. These principles are used by some of the world’s most successful leaders. This workshop stresses the importance of positive decision making during difficult times, the power of a positive attitude, and how to use adversity to your advantage!

“Adversity Creates Purpose: 

This workshop helps teachers and administrators equip themselves with the tools and techniques necessary to help students turn their adversity into purpose. Working with thousands of youth and overcoming an at-risk youth background has helped Yannik earn his reputation as an expert on motivating youth to maximize their potential. This inspirational and instructional workshop teaches the fundamentals necessary to make a positive and long-term impact in the lives of students.  

The Movement

The McKie Foundation is a nonprofit corporation committed to helping people overcome their challenges and maximize their potential!

The McKie Foundation is a non-profit corporation, led by Yannik McKie, who is committed to helping families in our communities turn their tragedies into triumphs.

A portion of all proceeds generated by the Yannik McKie Corporation go to supporting at-risk youth through the McKie Foundation. The McKie Foundation is a nonprofit c501 (c)(3) corporation committed to helping at-risk youth overcome their problems and achieve their purpose!

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