The Man

Overcoming adversity and turning obstacles into stepping stones is the expertise of author, speaker, and purpose coach, Yannik McKie.

At age 11 Yannik suffered the heartbreak of his parents’ divorce and learned that both Mom and Dad were HIV positive. By the age of 15 Yannik lost both of his parents to the deadly AIDS disease. Overcoming such adversity has helped Yannik earn his reputation as an expert on how to overcome life’s toughest challenges. Yannik’s amazing life story has been featured on numerous media outlets including ESPN, The Huffington Post, The New York Daily News, Good Day Atlanta, and many more.

“We brought Yannik in to speak to the football team and his talk was about having character, integrity & mental toughness. He is building a new legacy for families daily!”
Thomas C. Settles III
Chaplain UGA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes
“Yannik is a dynamic individual. When working with him, you quickly realize how much he can add to any business that he touches. Yannick has a sharp business mind and he’s able to see future possibilities where others see none.” ​
Paul Griffen
District Sales Manager at Nationwide Insurance and Financial Services
“Author Yannik McKie was an excellent and informative keynote.”
Nashia C. Whittenburg
Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs, St. John's University
“We invited Yannik to be the keynote speaker at our Maximize Potential Conference and we were extremely pleased with the outcome! We would highly recommend Yannik for any event.”
Nic Panghorn​
Assistant Director Residential Programs, Clemson Youth Learning Institute
“It has not only been an honor to develop a business relationship with Yannik Mckie, also a friendship based on integrity and commitment. Yannik’s ability to commit exemplifies true leadership.”
Jerry M Cantrell, President
Marketing Resources,Inc.
“We invited Yannik in early this Spring to speak to our young men during our Bow ties and Blue Jeans mentoring matchup event. He delivered an inspiring message about finding your purpose in your problems! His message resonated with the entire audience, challenging us all to find our purpose and BE GREAT!”
Kim Evans
CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of the CSRA

The Message

Helping youth & adult leaders maximize their leadership potential by teaching how life’s problems can be turned into purpose.

“Look, Learn & Launch” Talk for Businesses, Universities, Leadership Teams, & Corporate Events:

Author Yannik McKie will have your audience’s FULL attention as he eloquently explains the unique challenges and pressures he faced growing up losing both of his parents to AIDS in the early 80’s. Yannik will weave powerful leadership principles into his captivating story, ensuring that everyone present, is not only entertained and inspired but also educated on how the problems they face can be transformed into purpose. This talk will help motivate and maximize the leadership potential of every executive, employee & student that is willing to apply the Look, Learn & Launch leadership principles!

Look, Learn & Launch Expected Outcomes:

  • Improved retention in your organization because of an increased level of perseverance & resilience.
  • Increased productivity because of learned techniques that are proven to eliminate harmful mental distractions.
  • A more enjoyable and positive culture that Enhances relationships & communication. 

“Purpose Under Pressure” Coaching Workshops for Businesses, Non-Profits & Churches:

Created by Purpose Coach Yannik Mckie & Dr. Michael Perry from Catalyst “Purpose Under Pressure” will help your leadership team maximize their potential in the midst of pressure. A team that remains focused on purpose will reduce conflict, retain talent and produce more results with less resources. 

With Yannik McKie’s amazing book and life story, “Adversity Creates Purpose” as a backdrop and Dr. Michael Perry’s proprietary coaching & leader development model as a tool, your team will learn how to fulfill their purpose even when pressure is high.

Purpose Under Pressure Expected Outcomes:

  • Reduced conflict in your ministry.
  • Improved retention of employees and the talents and gifts of volunteers that serve.
  • Proven tools/techniques for optimizing performance in challenging situations.
  • A greatly improved church and staff culture that will improve recruiting of volunteers, giving,  relationships and communication.

The Movement

The McKie Foundation is a nonprofit corporation committed to helping people overcome their challenges and maximize their potential!

The McKie Foundation is a non-profit corporation, led by Yannik McKie, who is committed to helping families in our communities turn their tragedies into triumphs.

A portion of all proceeds generated by the Yannik McKie Corporation go to supporting at-risk youth through the McKie Foundation. The McKie Foundation is a nonprofit c501 (c)(3) corporation committed to helping at-risk youth overcome their problems and achieve their purpose!

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